Sample Transport & Conditioning

At Analytical Control we’re focused on delivering quality services & products for Sample Transport & Conditioning.

Our team of highly skilled and trained professionals will find solutions to meet your requirements, backed by unmatchable support.

Our Sample Conditioning and transport products currently include:

  • Heat Traced Tube Bundles – Any tube material or tracer type. Any special tube finish or coating – Electropolishing and Silconert coating
  • Heated Gas Sample probes for CEM’s, Flare and process applications
  • Thermoelectric and Vortex Gas Coolers
  • Specialised Trace moisture, Sulphur and mercury sample systems comprising Patented technology that eliminates Vortex induced vibration for Sample Probes and Thermowells. is just one of the features that makes VE Technology unique and essential to safe, effective process monitoring.
  • Inertial filters for liquid and gas application